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Company History

This is what the business looked like in the 1930's when our Dad took it over in 1934. He purchased it from Continental Oil Company which later became known as CONOCO. The agreement was that he would pay them with the profits from the gas (only 3 cents a gallon) and he could make whatever he could from the repairs! He told us that he could overhaul the cars engines at the time for $35 and would take a couple of days (slim pickens in today's terms). He always paid the bills on the 10th of each month and made it through rough times. He also traveled and raised six children! He worked 6 days a week and always found time to do the things he enjoyed, but mostly enjoyed helping those people that trusted him with their automobiles.

Thomas W Clement owned and operated the business from 1934 until 2005 when his sons Paul and David took it over and turned it into an LLC with a Partnership. They have always worked mainly by word of mouth and have many friends who stop in from time to time to update us and we in turn share our experiences with them. For the most it has been a great ride, serving the public and helping those who need transportation to and from wherever.

The Shop changed in 1954 and remains pretty much the same now less the gas pumps as times changed and gas became self serve and who would ever think you could pull up to the pump slide in a plastic card or at Mobil fast pass all you did was get out and fill up and get your bill at months end!


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